Drop Into This Moment

What is life wasn’t about getting or achieving anything?

All too often we see things as cause and effect. Our minds constantly tell us, “If I do this, I will get that.” We stop actually experiencing anything because we’ve become consumed by what will come next.

But what if we let go of the second part? What if you allowed yourself to do something, without any anticipation or expectation? Can you let this breathe, this moment, be enough, for exactly what it is, not what it might become?

This is definitely easier said than done, but just like everything else is in life, it is a practice and something I continue to work on every day.

In order to be more present with the moment we are experiencing, we first have to practice becoming more present within ourselves. Psychologically, we often seek and strive for something else because we feel a lack within ourselves. We think we need someone or something to make us complete, and we search for that thing, or that person, to fill this perceived void. But when we recognize how completely whole we are, exactly as we are, we no longer feel that lack, and we relieve that need for striving.

Let yourself, exactly as you are, be enough.

Drop into this moment, love it for exactly what it is, without trying to change it or get something out of it.

Whether you are taking a few moments to pause in the morning,  unrolling your mat, or stepping into the office, be in that, letting go of the rest. Let yourself be full of joy for this moment, exactly as you are, exactly as it is.

Practice reveling in all that you are and dropping into this moment by stepping on the mat with me every Friday morning, 9:30am at Project Yoga Richmond. You can also practice with me along the James River on Saturday, May 19, 8-9am for Yogarock on Brown’s Island with Dominion Riverrock!


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