Wherever You Are

Travel reminds me of how liberating life can be. It’s a great chance to see what life can be like, and an even more potent opportunity to start integrating that way of being in your daily life.

Travel is incredible, but what I think is even more incredible is integrating that same feeling of freedom into every day, no matter where you are. To me, this is just another practice, kinda like a yoga practice. You step on the mat and you get to know yourself more deeply. The goal is to carry that being and knowing into daily life.

Traveling is a glimpse into the reality you can create.  And no, that doesn’t mean carefree days by the pool all day. It means hard work will be done, and lots of ups and downs, but it is a reminder that this is your life for the making.

It is up to you to carry that sense of freedom and possibility into the life you lead each and every day.

Practice. Take control. What kind of life do you want to create? And how do you want to be along the way?

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