Your Grandma Loves You

Many of us have a tendency to feel lack of love, despite the many ways it percolates through every element of our lives. We claim a lack of love, but as my amazing teacher called me out on, “when is the last time you picked up the phone and called your grandma?”

She said this and all I could think was, “Damn…”

Grandmothers are pretty much forced to be obsessed with their grandchildren, and my grandma is not lacking in that area. Every time you call her, she showers you with praise. She sees all of the most amazing parts of me, puts me on a pedestal, and (mostly) ignores my flaws. Sometimes I revel in this and my ego loves it. But sometimes, I push it away, because it freaks me out, and deep down, I don’t think I deserve it.

But even when I push her affection away, she loves every ounce of me. She shows me how she sees me, how the world sees me, and reminds me how to love myself and how to accept and shower myself with this love.

This concept, alongside studying the Bhakti Sutras has me reflecting upon, what would it be like if you loved yourself like your Grandma loves you? For just a moment, can you close your eyes, and see yourself the way your grandma sees you? For a moment, can you shower yourself the love she showers you with?

On this valentines day, I encourage you to look at the love that surrounds you through the many people, relationships, and living things in your life. Take a moment to marvel at the way the earth showers you with love each time it rains, or the sun shines. Notice the way your grandma adores you, and your dog smothers you with kisses. Notice the love that surrounds you. You might not always recognize it, but it is always there. Let it remind you of how deeply you should love yourself. Today, and every day, fill yourself with love, from the inside out.

Ways to Show Yourself Love:

  1. Loving Kindness Meditation
    • Take a moment to close your eyes. Inhale, and exhale. Think of someone in your life who you care about. Imagine them doing something they love, with a smile on their face. Inhale, and exhale. Take a moment to tell them you love them and wish them happiness. Inhale, and exhale. Then, imagine you are that person. Imagine yourself doing something you love, with a smile on your face. Take a moment to walk up to yourself and tell yourself you love you, and you wish yourself happiness. Inhale, and exhale.
  2. Write yourself a wacky, sappy love note
  3. Eat chocolate


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