Centering for Centering

There is nothing I love more than having my hands covered in mud and a yoga mat to play on. Both mediums remind me that you must first center yourself before you can center the anything else.


I love working with clay as a medium because it’s this natural, earth element that you’re co-creating with. You’re not in total control of the clay and you have to listen to it.


Mindfulness helps you tune into yourself, and your medium. When we center our minds, we learn to connect with ourselves and the earth that we are co-creating with. Both yoga and Ceramics continue to play an integral role in my life and help make me a better person as I learn to listen to and work with the earth. It is an honor to share the two mediums I love most, Ceramics and Yoga, with the Visual Arts Center community through my Yoga, Mindfulness, and Wheel Throwing course.

Check out my recent interview about this special course with Kate Garber from the Visual Arts Center and save your spot for the next session starting in March!

Tremendous thanks to @heatha.thaa.featha from @theyogadirect for sharing her photography talents with us 👏

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