I continue to be reminded of the ways that life throws our plans out of the way and decides to dictate. We can follow the steps, the same process, over and over, and inevitable, uncertainty gets in the way. We can follow all the rules, and all the steps, and we will not always get the same results. We are not, nor will we ever be, in total control. Rather than clinging to the result, be marveled by the way it all unfolds.

Despite glazes tests, practice, and process, these teacups did not turn out the way I had placed in my mind. Maybe something changed in the glaze, the kiln, or even the energy present when it was made. They are different than what I had pictured, but they are beautiful all the same. They are a humbling reminder of our humanity, and how perfectly human of us it is to get upset and make mistakes. That is the beauty of holding a teacup, a work of art, a piece of my heart, that is handmade—it embodies humaniTEA in all of our beauty and all our flaws, and it caries loves through it all.

The first set of pre-orders are full of humaniTEA and on their way to their new homes– if you pre-ordered one, you will be hearing from me with details soon! If you didn’t get a chance to put in your order yet, I am taking the next round of pre-orders now!

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