Knowing Your Worth Can Hurt

Sometimes knowing your worth hurts.

It is hard.

It’s hard to step out of comfort and into the unknown because of something deep inside you can’t put into words. It hurts to turn down something, or someone, you really care about because deep down you know it is not the one or not enough. It is so hard to let go of something so good, so deceivingly close to right because deep down you know it is not what you truly want and deserve. It is so freaking hard not to settle, and to know yourself so well.

It pushes you… It forces you to be on your own…It demands you to see your strength.

It’s hard not to give into what is comfortable because ultimately you know it’s not what your soul seeks.
It’s hard to be a true friend to yourself, and give yourself the tough love you need.
It’s really hard to wait for something you know what will be more than great.
It’s hard not to cling to something that would be so easy to hold onto.
It’s really hard to be patient.
It’s hard to let go.

Sometimes it is just hard. And that is okay.
Feel the difficulty.
Be angry about it.
Be frustrated.

You are very frustrating indeed…But, you always know.

So, feel how you feel. But trust your gut.

You run yourself in circles
It might not make sense to anyone else. 

But, you,
Your intuition
Know your truth.
Follow it.

Be annoyed all you want.
But never stop trusting your gut.

You need to know when it is wrong in order to know when it’s right.

So, trust.
Trust yourself.
Be proud of your strength.
Surrender. Trust.
Let your soul be embraced.

Stop being so frustrated and worried.
For right here, right now, there is no need
For anything else, except to breathe.

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