Repetition & Reflection: Japa

I’ve made the same pot a hundred times. I’ve done thousands of sun salutations. And sat in the same position for hundreds of meditations.


Because repetition is one of the greatest teachers in our lifetime.

You can learn countless of lessons by doing the same thing (much more than) twice. Repetition trains our bodies and our minds.  As we become less distracted by the nuances and newness of what we are doing, repetition allows us to see ourselves more clearly. Through repeated action, we become more in tune with how we are being as we are doing. 

When what we are doing remains, we learn to notices ourselves in our many different states. Repetition forces us to face the way we meet ourselves as we do the very same thing. The exact “same” thing is completely different day by day (just like a beautiful and unique snowflake!).

Repetition is meditation. It plants a seed within us. As we repeat, we are watering.


Sutra 1.28: Tajapas tadartha bhāvanam 
Current interpretation: Repetition & Reflection

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