Why Yoga, Why Now?: Project Yoga Richmond

When I tell people I work at a yoga non-profit, they sometimes ask, with all the problems we face today, why do I think yoga can fix anything? To me, it is crystal clear. I experience the impact it makes each and every day.

Yoga is essential because it goes to the source from which our issues stem. Often, when we want to change the world, we are eager to point fingers and fix the things around us. But, the truth is, the challenges we face in the world today begin with ourselves. Each and every individual plays a role in creating the world we live in. So if there is something that needs fixing, there is something we need to fix from within, in order to impact what is around us.

Yoga offers this space. It offers the space to recognize and connect with all parts of who are, with all of our strengths and all our flaws. It offers the space to forgive, accept, and transform ourselves.  It offers the space to truly connect with who we are. Yoga reveals the connection between ourselves and the world around us. When we learn about ourselves, how to interact with ourselves, and care for ourselves, we are then able to learn about, interact with, and care for everything else.

Yoga teaches us how to meet ourselves with kindness so that we can treat every other living thing with kindness as well. When we learn to be kind to ourselves, we learn to be kind to the earth and to one another.

Yoga continues to play a tremendous role in the person that I am today. For me, yoga was a refuge when I was young and facing some challenging things. The practice offered the space to take a step back and to reconnect with myself when I felt consumed by everything else. It allowed me to control myself within a situation that was out of my control.

The practice continues to carry me through every passing thing. The morning my grandpa died, my practice was there for me, reminding me to breathe, filling my lungs like a hug when I was in need.  My practice has saved me from dangerous situations by teaching me to trust my intuition and know my strength, allowing me to escape. My practice helps me through every anxious moment, every conflict, every stress, every heartbreak. Every single day the practice teaches me how to be.

Yoga is my life source. It navigates me through this world.

I’ve had days where I have stepped on the mat and sobbed. I’ve had days where I have stepped on my mat and started dancing and singing. I have had days where I have avoided my practice like the plague because I am not ready to deal with myself. But somehow, I always find my way back on the mat.

I continue to experience the way the practice changes my life and I have the honor of seeing it impact other’s lives as well by working with Project Yoga Richmond. From teaching at our community programs, at the studio, and working behind the desk, I know the impact this organization makes, from the inside, out.

I am dedicated to offering the gifts that this practice has given me, to all and am beyond grateful for Project Yoga Richmond making that my reality. I am honored to work with an organization that is grounded and intentional with each and everything that we do.

Working at Project Yoga teaches me how to be honest, strong, and impactful in the working world. It teaches me when to push forward, and when to step back. It helps me navigate the challenges that being adult forces you to face. The practice of yoga guides this organization. It guides us in the choices we make. It helps us navigate all things. But Project Yoga Richmond is more than an organization, it is a community, a family, that embodies the practice by meeting one another with support, love, kindness, and compassion, and the carrying all of this into the work that we do.

I encourage you today to support the impact of yoga by giving a gift that is meaningful to you to Project Yoga Richmond today. Trust me, no matter the amount or form, your support is meaningful to us.

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