Step on the Mat

Sometimes, life only makes sense upside down.

I talk a lot about yoga being beyond the asana. And yes, yoga is so much more than making shapes with your body. It percolates into everything.

But, sometimes, I really need movement. I really need the asana because sometimes, my mind is too much for me. I move my body and put it under stress to remember how to carry myself through things that make me feel uncomfortable. I flip myself upside down and poorly try to bring my toes towards my head because as I do so, the moment, the movement, captivates me as my breath carries me from one challenge to the next.

I step on the mat so that my breath can carry me. I put my body under stress because as I learn to work through something physically, I can work through it mentally. I step on the mat because it is a contained space that I can learn to trust, feel, and breathe through every passing thing. I step on the mat because so that I know how to breath when I step off.

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