Super, human

Some days (if I’ve had just enough coffee) I feel like a superhuman. And some days, I feel super, human.

I mess up a million times a day. I make hundreds of mistakes. I get overwhelmed, I overreact, I forget to take a step back. But I keep unrolling my mat.

We are all human. We make mistakes, and we will continue to until our very last day. And that is okay. Life isn’t about the mistakes you make. It’s how you carry yourself through them.

Through the superhuman and the super, human days, my mat consistently acts as my cape.

I unroll my mat because it navigates me through it all. I unroll my mat because for a moment, my mind quiets and my breath takes control. I unroll my mat through things that feel good, and things that hurt. I unroll my mat to learn how to breathe when it hurts. I unroll my mat because it allows me to love myself, with all of my strengths and all of my flaws. No matter what, I always find my way back.

Unroll your mat.

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