Wonder Woman 101

I watched Wonder Woman and taught yoga, and it was the best morning ever. I know I am not alone in the obsession of Wonder Woman, nor should I be. What I saw in Wonder Woman was more than a badass on screen. I saw strength and peace from a place of compassion. I saw a peaceful warrior.

Over the last year, my practice has become a lot about learning to listen to and trust myself and to know my strength. Often yoga may be perceived as a space of endless bliss. But that is not the case. Yoga is not blissful. Yoga is not passive. Yoga is work, mentally and physically. Yoga means facing adversity in the world by facing yourself. Yoga allows you to be both strong and calm. The practice offers a space to be honest with yourself so that you can be honest with others.

Take a moment to stop and think: 

  • How do you define peace?
  • How do you know and how do you show your strength?

Peace is not something that is passive, or complicit. Peace is active. Peace is powerful.

For me, peace means embodying strength, compassionate, and love as you stand up for what is right. Peace means moving and taking action from a place of compassion, not fear.  When Wonder Woman went into battle, she moved with the power of peace. That didn’t mean being passive. She fought hard to stand up for what was right. The battle was chaotic, just as the world is, but she moved from compassion, confidence, and a deep knowing of herself and her power to stand up for what is right.

Yoga allows us to be peaceful warriors, just like Wonder Woman.

Yoga means knowing your strength. It means being strong enough to stand face to face, eye to eye, with every passing thing. You will meet the good. You will meet the bad. You are strong enough to breathe through it all, to meet it all with strength and compassion. Practice being a strong, peaceful warrior. The more I practice, the more I come to know myself, to listen to my inner voice, to trust my intuition, and to carry my strength through every passing thing. Speak up, take action, stand strong with compassion.

Wonder Woman 101:

  1. Know Your Strength
    • Quiet the racing thoughts of society and the mind. Breath deep. Take the time to know yourself, to trust yourself, and to know your strength. Feel your power.
  2. Be Brave
    • Face everything, every challenge, every emotion that comes your way. Meet it with compassion, let it into your house. But only serve those that serve you tea in return. Don’t serve an emotion or person that doesn’t serve you. Welcome it in, and allow it to pass.
  3. Stand Strong. Take Action. Move with Compassion.
    • Allow your breath and inner peace to carry you through it all. When angry, and fiery, breath. Listen to your gut and stand up for what is right. Use your strength to stand strong and hold the power of peace as you speak up from a place of compassion. Channel strength and stillness from within as you face adversity, it is the most powerful force in the eye of the storm.


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