Lift Eachother Up

Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

Growing up, my parents always made sure that our home and our family is a place that builds you up and supports you. My dad would always say, the rest of the world is going to try to tear you down, but we are the people that always have to lift each other up to be the very best that we can be.

The older I get, the more I understand how truly incredible and important that is. Not only does society try to knock or talk us down sometimes, but often, we do it to ourselves as well. Maybe there is that voice inside your head that lingers saying, “You’re not good enough. You can’t do THAT”.

We need the people we love in our lives to make sure we know that those things are not true, to make sure that we know just how incredible we are, and then endless possibility and things that we can pursue. We need people to inspire and encourage us in this life. Some days, we need others to help us believe in ourselves.

I am incredibly lucky to have a family that does just this. To have parents who live without limits, and have encouraged me, my brother, and my sister to go for it, whatever “it” is. They built us up, from the inside out, and encourage us every step of the way.


As I grow older, I find the importance of finding and creating similar communities of support. It all starts with family, but it can expand. The way I see myself is a result of a lot of compassionate people in my life. It started with my family and has guided me to finding people like that in the world. There is my best friend who pushes me to see all that I can be, who helps me to step into the light and pushes me to know that this is my turn to shine. I have found a workspace and community at Project Yoga Richmond that embodies this system of belief and support unfolding every single day. We help each other find inner strength and a sense of peace so that we can all carry that into the community.
I know that not everyone has this. But everyone deserves this. And together, we hold the capacity to create this for others who may not have that immediate “family” of support. Every person you encounter, you have the opportunity to build them up. In every thing that you do or smile that you share, you have the chance to make a difference.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up, who encourage and inspire you to be the very best possible you that you can be. And share those same gifts with every passing person you encounter. Whether it is through a smile or sharing words, you never know how you might impact the way another’s life unfolds.

Lift yourself up, and in turn, you will lift those around you.


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