Compassion and Strength

Women are wonderous things: maintaining a balance between compassion and strength. 

Mother’s Day reminds me of Mother Earth, and how women around the world embody her powerful force.  Her wind can tear down walls in a storm or bring you ease through the breeze. Her force is seen in mountains as they remain steady and strong, and her flexibility in the streams that endlessly move along. Wind, water, ground, fire: Mother Earth embodies it all.

Yet, despite her strength, Mother Earth chooses to nurture instead of destroy. She chooses to find balance in order to sustain life. She sees beyond herself and supports the life of every thing else.

As women, we carry this life sustaining capacity as well.  Just like Mother Earth, the women in my life have taught me how to carry compassion within the power that we hold. If we took on the world with a sense of brute force, life would crumble. It would quickly peak, but it would not sustain, and knock down other lives along the way. But without strength, all life would be walked over, never reaching its potential and slowly wither away. So women find a way to balance these things.

Women embody the forces of the earth as we move through the world. Women find a sense of balance between both compassion and strength for all living things, including ourselves. 

Today, I give thanks for the earth and all the women in the world who have helped me realize my strength and guided me with compassion through every step of the way.

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