Today, and every day, I am inspired by my best friend. Over the last few weeks, women have been sharing with her how unauthentic the social media world can feel, especially when you are making it a part of your career. It’s hard. People tend to share only the moments in their life that sound good to someone else, especially with strangers. Social media provides a space for us to scroll through the most eloquently curated moments of life. It can make you feel inspired. Or it can make you feel like you are not enough and feel less about your life.

This is discussion occurs in the yoga world a lot. Images of a beautiful practice are captured, as bendy bodies twist into a myriad of unfathomable shapes. But this is not the point of yoga. The movements on a mat are one small aspect. The curated images are not usually what an at home practice looks like. But that does not make either, the imperfections of a home or photographed practice, better than one or another. If it is authentic to you, show it.

When I step on the mat, I shake, I fall, I am all over the place. But the practice comes in as I learn to move through and handle these moments of imperfection. I learn to carry myself through the physical imbalances so that I can carry myself through the inevitable hiccups of life.


Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t scroll through comparing yourself to anyone else. Honor what is authentically you in this moment. Know that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment, regardless of where anyone else is on their journey. Show the “good” and show the “bad”. You might be surprised how much support your honesty can provide. Exactly as you are, every inch of you is loved.




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