Dig Deep Before You Leap

There are phases in life when we are always on the go. And others when we might feel glued to one place. In my experience, it comes in waves.

Something I am coming to find is that we need to ground down sometimes in order to fly. We must allow ourselves to build roots, to build depth and connection so that when the time comes, we are able to leap.

Our culture creates a constant striving for “more” in life. There is a beauty in that, and the ways it encourages us to believe in our true potential. However, it is important that in our constant strife for more, we take a step back to appreciate what we have on our plate. Take a moment to be proud of all that we have already accomplished. Notice the moments in life when you feel like your feet may feel like they are stuck in one place, and instead, give thanks. The next phase will come. But there is so much left to learn in the meantime. You must dig deep before you fly.

Tips for grounding down when you want to run:

  1. Plant seeds
    • I find the physical acts of digging in the dirt, starting a garden, and planting seeds are incredibly grounding. As I am physically able to visualize and take part in the process of grounding down and planting seeds, I am more able to connect with how it applies to my daily life. Each time you return to the garden, water the seeds, and see them grow, you may notice how aspects of your life mirror that process. Nurture yourself and your pursuits. Be patient and embrace the process of growth. You’ll be budding before you know!
  1. Bring awareness to the moment
    • If you are feeling anxious or discontent, it is likely because you are focusing on what is ahead of you or behind you, but not on what is in front of you. Bring attention to your breath. Focus on this moment and this moment alone. Find moments to pause throughout your day. Whether it is every time you go to open a door, or take a sip of water, or even before you speak, take a deep inhale, and exhale to bring attention back to the now.
  1. Do the same things in a new way
    • Just because you are in the same place, doing the seemingly same things, nothing is ever truly the same. Each time you approach a situation, nothing is the same as the moment has changed. Embrace this. Try doing the seemingly same an entirely new way. Moments like this are often lost when we are always on the go. Whether it is changing your attitude or approach, you’re looking for new learning opportunities and techniques, celebrate the staysis as a time for deeper exploration. You might be surprised by just how much you grow.
  1. Give thanks
    • Gratitude changes everything. No matter where you are, give thanks, from the simple moments and blessing to the larger feats. Take pride in the mountains you have already climbed. They have all brought you to this moment. And this moment will be gone before you know it. So pause. Take a step back. And celebrate all that you already are in the here and now.

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