Today is a really big day for the Zajur family. The world officially gets to see the movie star my brother was always meant to be. I spent the last week in LA with my parents helping my brother move across the country to make it as an actor. And we missed Jada and David every step of the way as they took care of our Grandparents and their Photography empire in RVA. Our trip was complete Zajur chaos, just the way our family has always been. There was no plan, no normalcy (nor has there ever been). But we spent our time doing everything we could to get Austin settled into his new home and his new town, even if that meant following along with my dad’s frightening idea of buying a car in Compton…(don’t worry, we didn’t go through with it)!

We cleaned and organized and got stuck in traffic and nearly died while my parents drove around some of the scarier parts of town. They turned a tool shed in Bel Air into a bungalow fit for a prince. My parents did all of this when they already have more than enough on their plates with work and at home. This trip, and seeing my brother on the big screen was a tremendous reminder to me of how fantastic my parents are and the amazing way they raised us. From day one, they have always done everything possible to encourage us to be ourselves, be confident, and to go for our dreams. Growing up this meant a lot of lectures and listening to Tony Robbins tapes in the car. While we rolled our eyes a lot when we were younger, it still made an impact. They always made certain that our home and our family was a place where we built each other up and support each other no matter what.  

But beyond establishing those beliefs in us, they have selflessly supported us every step of the way. They have always given us more than they could. They sacrificed a lot to send us to good schools because they wanted to make sure we knew what we could achieve. They work their hardest at their jobs and are always busy, but no matter what they have going on, they pause and take the time to be there for us, no matter what. They always put us and our needs first. Every day they encourage us to be exactly who we are and support us every step of the way. Whether that means putting us on a plane to Nicaragua to make pots, turning our kitchen into a woodshop to make photography frames for art shows, or moving us across the country to be a movie star, they are always there to support us as we put ourselves out there. They are the most powerful embodiment of selfless love I have ever known and I am tremendously grateful and honored to be their daughter. When you see Austy up there today, know that it is because two people came together out of love and devoted themselves and their lives to believing in and supporting their kids.

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