There is no one I believe in more than my little brother. He is without a doubt the weirdest person I know, but in every way that he is weird, he is inspiring.

I can’t remember a day in my life where he wasn’t doing something ridiculous behind a camera. From his Youtube videos to his dubstep days, he has always been determined to create. When he was ten he decided he wanted to be an actor. Eleven years and a lot of missed school later, his first major motion picture is premiering tonight in LA.

But I am not proud of Austin because he got a role in a Warner Brothers film. (Well, I mean, I am proud of him for that…). But the real reason I am proud of him is how and why he got this part.

Countless people in his life have told him no. He not only faced rejection from roles but doubt from loved ones as well. When he would tell people he wanted to be an actor, no one gave him any sort of credit. No one thought that riding the bus to NYC on a weekly basis to go on auditions was worth it. Aside from my mom, at some point, I think everyone doubted him a bit.


But Austin did not stop. He knew. He knew this is what he was meant to do. And he kept going despite what anyone said. He kept going when he didn’t get roles he wanted. He kept going when people would say discouraging things and doubt him. He believed in himself.

At 19, people doubted him even more when he dropped out of college and moved to NYC to make it in the acting business. But guess what? When he finally let go, ignored the doubt of others, and fully immersed himself in his art, he made it. He got his break.

Now, he is 21, and doing something even scarier, moving to LA to be an actor with no backup plan. He got a big movie, but in the acting industry (and life in general really) there is no certainty. But I know he is going to make it. He is going to do this. Because for Austin, there is no other option.

But what inspires me even more, and what many of you may not know, is the reason why Austin wants to be famous. It’s not for fame or a flashy lifestyle. He genuinely wants to be famous so that he can make and impact and help people change their lives. He wants to inspire people and help them believe in themselves. And he wants to help provide the tools for them to achieve their dreams.

I don’t doubt for a second that he is going to do this, because whether he realizes it or not, he already does that for me. There have been countless times when I have doubted myself. But Austin believes. Austin constantly pushes me. And because of him, I know there is nothing I cannot achieve. My little brother is my biggest hero. Every day he reminds me that it does not matter what anyone else says. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.


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