Breathe Deep and Leap!

Having dreams and goals is really important part of life. They keep us motivated and inspired. But sometimes, we are too scared to let those dreams take form, so we settle. Sometimes we take the easy route and remain where we feel comfortable.

We never think we are ready. There is always something more to be done. We put it off until we can be more certain that we will succeed.

But sometimes, you just need to breathe deep and leap. You might find yourself with one leg on the ground and your hands in the air, but you can find balance there. No matter what you are going through, if you bring peace to that moment, you realize that you are ready. You can do it.

The unexpected will happen. Things will go wrong and it will be hard. But that is life. It will all end up alright.

There are no guarantees in life. You will never know. So let go and embrace the uncertainty. You are ready.

Tips on taking a leap:

  1. Listen
    • Listen to your gut. Don’t over think it. Create the space to hear what your heart has to say. I recommend setting out a few minutes a day to sit and meditate. Focus on the breath and your heart. Eventually, you will learn to hear it. Don’t question it, simply listen
  2. Trust Yourself
    • “There is nothing more precious than self-trust”
    • My practice helps me practice self-trust a lot. Sometimes when I try a posture that is challenging, I surprise myself. If I fail or I succeed, I learn how to breathe and move through it. I know that regardless of the outcome, I can handle it. I am ready.
  3. Breathe
    • In all things, let your breath guide you. Every breath is a new beginning. It will bring you peace in the present moment and carry you through the next.
  4. Leap
    • Listen to Nike, just do it. Trust yourself. Your breath will carry you through it. You are ready.

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