“This is the beginning of a movement we are co-creating together, with women at the center of it”

These words give me hope.

I regret to say that I did not march yesterday. Though not physically there, I was moved and motivated. Most importantly, I am reminded that the Women’s March is not a moment, it is the beginning of a movement. It is a monumental start of a long road ahead. This moment and the millions of people behind united, empowered, and inspired men, women, and minorities around the world.

While I did not march yesterday, I did have the opportunity to practice yoga with women in my community today. Twice a month the nonprofit I work at, Project Yoga Richmond, offers Love Your Body: Yoga for Women. This class creates a space for women to come together and learn to love ourselves from the inside out, supporting our community and each other along the way. Today, my practice reminded me that we must continue to honor ourselves and support our community along the road ahead, and how important my practice is to maintaining that. We must maintain a sense of gentleness with ourselves, and others, as we demonstrate just how strong we are. I left my practice feeling supported and strengthened by my community.

As I grow older, I am constantly reminded that we cannot wait on anyone else to make change for us. We cannot always rely on our government to stand up for the people and the causes that we believe in. But we can support each other and the people out there who are already working so hard to do so. Working at a non-profit, I recognize how many people are out there trying to do good and how much each individual donation makes our work possible.

While the government is not always standing up for things I believe in, a lot of people and organizations out there are. I am committed to supporting them. Each month in 2017, I will make a donation to nonprofit organization that I believe in. I don’t have much to give, but for the next twelve months, I will donate $12 a month to a different organization. My goal is that in the next year, those donations can increase. But today, I am starting where I am, I am giving what I can, to support all living things that surround me.

I did not march yesterday, but I stand with you on the road ahead. I am committed to being active in my community. I commit to staying informed. I am commit to offering love and understanding to all. Thank you for empowering so many as you mark the beginning of choices we will each continue to make each and every day for the rest of our lives.

I am inspired. I am empowered. I am ready to work.

Organizations I will donate to in 2017:

  1. January: James River Association
  2. February: Planned Parenthood
  3. March: Project Yoga Richmond
  4. April: Amazon Aid Foundation
  5. May: The Obama Foundation
  6. June: Green Peace International
  7. July: Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  8. August: Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection
  9. September: Passport to Education
  10. October: SARA: Sexual Assault Resource Agency, Charlottesville, VA
  11. November: National Endowment for the Arts
  12. December: Passport to Education


Future Love Your Body dates for anyone who cares to join me! All classes are pay-what-you-can at 12:30pm at Project Yoga Richmond!

  • February 12 and 26
  • March 12 and 26
  • April 9 and 23

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