Tick tock, tick tock

Trust the timing of your life.

Timing is tough. Sometimes the minute hand is right where it needs to be, but the second hand won’t stop running in circles. Or the hour hand might seem completely lost in space. It takes a lot for minutes, hours, and seconds to land in the same place.

But they do.

The hands on a clock spin round and round and round. Time changes. So does their placement. But no matter which way they are spinning, they are exactly where they need to be so that they can all line up when its time for the next hour to strike.

So much of life is dependent upon timing. If things don’t seem to be falling into place just yet, be patient. You just need to go around the clock a few more spins.

And if you find yourself in that lucky place where the minutes, seconds, and hours are all in line, enjoy it. They’ll certainly start spinning again, but know that it is necessary to place you exactly where you are meant to be.

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