A New Kind of Resolution

With the new year upon us, many shift our focus to new years resolutions. We create lists full of goals that we want to achieve. We focus on what we want to do, what we want to get, but one thing that doesn’t often make the list is how we want to be.

Having goals is great. But even more powerful than the things you want to achieve is how you want to be as you work towards and as you do those things. Like many others, there are a lot of things that I want to do and achieve. But for me, something is different this year. What I do is less important. How I want to “be” has my focus.

As I sit and reflect upon a list of goals, they each have a way of being written beside them. Life is not about what you achieve. It is about the person that you are and how you carry yourself as you accomplish those things. None of those things matter if you lose yourself and do not enjoy them and remain grounded along the way.

Here are a couple different options for starting a new kind of resolution this year:

  1. Pick 3 words that embody how you want to be in the year ahead.
    • Write these down and keep them as a focal point throughout the year. Place them somewhere you will see them daily. Repeat these words in your mind as you go about your life.
  2. Make a list of things you want to achieve in 2017. Beside each point, write how you want to be, what mindset you want to carry, as you work towards those goals.
    • And yes, keep these as a focal point as well

When we set resolutions and goals at the start of the new year, many of them are not achieved or we do them with the wrong mindset. We quickly get discouraged, annoyed, and give up. But setting an intention is not a one-time thing. It is something that you must remind yourself over and over again every single day. You will slip up (you’re human, it’s okay). You might not go on that run you promised you would, or you might catch yourself being mean to yourself, or others. But that is okay. Just because you said you would achieve these things does not mean that it will happen like magic. It is a constant practice. You must be forgiving as you “fail” so that you may try again and succeed. Allow the setbacks to be reminders to practice and work towards your resolutions.

  • Sit with your intentions regularly throughout the year. Whether it is once a day, week, or month, remember that you will have to continually work toward these things if you want to achieve them. Be forgiving of yourself and laugh along the way.

This year, and for the many that lie ahead, I encourage you to focus on how you want to be as your work towards your goals and dreams. Put your “way of being” first. And see how the rest unfolds.



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