Will you be your friend?

If we are lucky, friends are an embodiment of how we should treat ourselves.

I remember in the first grade I made my first friend by walking up to this girl who I thought looked really cool. It was the first week of school, she had a lot of friends and I didn’t have any. So, I walked up to her and asked, “Will you be my friend?”. And luckily she said yes!

Ever since I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by incredible friendships in my life. My friends know how to take care of me in very profound ways. They know when to offer help when I am not yet ready to ask. They know how to push me. They know how to be gentle with me. They make me laugh and let go. And most importantly, they always love me, even when I am not so kind to myself.

I have a lot of people in my life who make me, me. However, they cannot always be with me physically. While your friends cannot always be with you, you are always with you. One of the things I’m working on most in life is carrying my friends within me and recognizing that those friendships are inside of me, no matter where others are. Your best friend could be on the other side of the world or even in the next room, but she can’t control the voice inside your head. It is up to you to treat yourself like a friend.

Sometimes, you need to ask for friendship. Especially when it comes to yourself. Use meditation as an opportunity to walk up to yourself and ask for your friendship.They say a friend is someone you spend enough time with. Meditation (which can take place in many forms, not just sitting still) offers an opportunity to become friends with yourself. In this space, when I sit, sometimes I think of what kind of friend I want to be to myself. Sometimes my inner dialogue isn’t as nice as my friends would be to me. I can get too high strung. But my friends always make me have fun. Meditation offers a space for you to treat yourself like a friend.

Take some time to think about how your friends treat you versus how you treat yourself. Or how you treat your friends versus how you treat yourself. Today and every day, be the friend you deserve to yourself.

  1. Take three deep breaths
  2. Reflect on how you treat yourself versus how you treat yourself
  3. Try to treat yourself like a friend today
    • If you catch yourself being rude to yourself, don’t beat yourself up. Simply notice and try again with the next breath.

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