“The mind screams. The heart whispers”

“The mind screams. The heart whispers”

– Rolf Gates

Today, as I sat to meditate, I reflected upon some words from a workshop with Rolf Gates that I attended earlier this year. The words, “The mind screams, the heart whispers” floating through my mind. At twenty-three, my mind screams. It screams what society is telling me that I need, it screams uncertainty, it screams. My mind screams. My emotions scream. But my heart whispers.

This is why sit in meditation. Our daily lives are full of things that stimulate our screaming minds. The constant motion and stimulus make the mind scream louder. And the louder the minds screams, the harder it is to hear your heart whisper.

Right now, my mind is screaming and I am having a hard time hearing what my heart has to say. So today, I chose to sit with my heart. With no intention but to be with it, to let it know that I am there, ready to listen when it chooses to whisper.

I can’t expect my heart to share its secrets all at once. It will take time. It will take consistency for my heart to learn that it can trust me, that I am listening. So today, for a few minutes, I sat, trying to calm my screaming mind and restless emotions, waiting for the whisper of my heart. Until I learn to listen to the whisper of my heart, I will not know in which direction I should go.

Be still. Calm your mind. Practice patience with your heart.

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