November 9th, 2016

November 9th, 2016

The day Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America

Those words are hard to type. And it feels like typing up a horror film. But yet, it is the reality that we are facing.

Today, a lot of things happened. Anger. Disbelief. Fear. Hatred. Betrayal. Distrust Sadness. Despair. Emotions filled the air.

As I rolled over to turn off my alarm, I saw a simple message from my sister, “He won”. I knew that it was coming when I finally made myself turn off the TV and go to bed.

But the nightmare did not end when I opened my eyes this time.

I rolled out of bed with despair. But the day did not end there.

My first meeting started with a hug, sharing of fear, and offering support with a mentor. We saw each other as people first, and then we got to work for something we both believe in now more than ever, increasing access to yoga.

She grounded me.

And then, I taught my usual Wednesday morning ceramics class, made up of women from 22-62, all with varying political beliefs. This was not my time to be emotional. I was there to hold space. So I did.

I saw women that I love, that I know are good to the core, who voted for what I perceive to be evil. And I was reminded that the votes for a man that means so many awful things to me, come from people who I know have good hearts and love humanity.

Then I cried. Class ended, and I ran outside. Sat by the water, and sobbed. It started as a few tears and then turned into the kind of hysterics when you cannot catch your breath. I ignored the men awkwardly walking by. I sat and I sobbed.

But then I stopped. I stood up. And I ran.

As I came across a row of trees with golden leaves, I saw light.

I decided to make a choice.

I refuse to let any man (or woman) make me feel scared, weak, or incapable. I refuse to allow any man to make me see evil over good. I refuse to let this change who I am and how I harmonize with humanity.

I know that there is good in the world. And I know that there is evil as well. As we face darkness, I know that this is when we most need light. As we face darkness, my beliefs, passions, and voice must shine. I refuse to give up on us.

I choose. I choose to put endless good into the world. I choose to work harder than ever to offer love, support, and understanding to this world. I choose to create and to be exactly what this world needs.

I choose for you.

And I choose for me.

I choose for every living thing that breathes.

Then, I taught again. This time to a group of 12-year-old girls. Holding back tears, I told them what I needed to hear: That no matter what, they are powerful. That they are strong, that they can create anything. That they are making the world a better place.

They sat behind their wheels making pots and singing songs. They filled the room with hard work and laughter, putting beauty into the world.

Today, I am reminded of my purpose and passion:

Yoga, which translates as “to yoke”, to provide union, peace, and patience in the world.

Art, to provide the power of creation and imagination, showing us that we hold the ability to create reality.

And to write, to provide a voice for light.

I have sent this to many of you today, and the words continue to ring true:

On this day where so many of us are breathing heavy, I want you to know that you give me hope. While many challenges lie ahead, I know that you are there, fighting for equality and respect for all beings. You give me hope. You are living proof that love is in this world and will remain no matter what. I know without a doubt that you and so many others will continue to make the world a better place. As our hearts are heavy today, know that you are not alone, we are all breathing with you. Time to roll up our sleeves and unroll our capes, for now, more than ever, the world needs you and your gift.

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