Same Place, New Perspective

A lot of times in life we are, or want to be, right in the middle of things. But from the center, you can’t see the whole picture. Sometimes we must “step back” in order to see more clearly and recognize the beauty that surrounds when you open your eyes.

All too often we do not see the extraordinary lives we have created. We get caught up in constant yearning that we forget how much we have, and how far we have come. We do not recognize that today, exactly as we are, we are enough.

Instead of always worrying about moving forward, pause, and step back. You might be surprised by what you see. You might realize that you are living your dreams. You might notice that some days, you get to do exactly what you love. It might be in teeny, tiny fragments. And doesn’t happen every day. But for a moment, you might feel your hard work paying off and some weight lifting off of your shoulders as you realize just how far you have come.

Being able to see that you are currently living your dreams does not mean that you have it all, far from it. You have so much further to go. And these moments might be far and few between. But that does not mean you should not stop and recognize, and celebrate, the life you are creating. And that today, if only for today, you got to do exactly what you love, in some way.

Celebrate the simple fact that you are not there yet. Celebrate that you are growing and learning every single day. Give thanks for the life that you have already created and the immense possibility you have to grow into.

Remain patient as you listen to your heart. In all of its beauty, and in all of its flaws, stop and give thanks for exactly where you are.

All of it is your dream come true.



Step outside of your mind
Step outside of your worry
Breathe deep
And enjoy your journey

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