Breaking Pots and Breaking Up

Sometimes we create simply to destroy. It is just as important to let go of the good pots as the weak ones. In learning to let go of what we think is great, we create the space for something extraordinary to enter. By letting go of what seems like “enough”, we must trust that there is more for us. Sort of like a break-up or finding the right job. You can have a good, solid relationship or job. And then you have to let go or say no for reasons you don’t understand. You may want to hold on because you are scared something that good won’t come along again. Simply because the guy, the job, (or the cylinder) seems strong doesn’t mean it is the one. It is a lesson getting you closer and teaching you what you are capable of and what you deserve. Letting go is a practice in knowing your worth. Sometimes you have to throw a pot and cut it in half to learn that you are capable of creating something great and that you can do it again and again. This way, you can choose to form the right vessel and not settle.

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