Planting and Watering, Planting and Watering

How do you successfully never grow up, while still leading a responsible life? Well, I have spent the last twenty-three years trying to find out. So far I haven’t managed to stop growing older or avoiding real life responsibilities, but I am trying to maintain a sense of wonder and exploration, despite the obligations. My latest endeavor, playing in the dirt for grown-ups (also known as gardening).

As always, I find metaphors for everything in my life. Right now, both physically and literally, I am approaching my life with a new mindset, gardening. I really want a cool garden with awesome vegetables growing that can help sustain a healthy life on a regular basis. From my minds eye, I see an awesome garden, with a colorful fence with vegetables overflowing. But when I look in my backyard, I see a bed of weeds surrounded by rickety white stakes. And then I get sad because I want to be picking food from my garden and cooking an awesome dinner tonight and that pile of dirt ain’t gonna cut it.

My thoughts are constantly racing with dreams, all of which are possible, but they aren’t going to manifest overnight no matter how badly I want them to. In thinking about a garden, I am reminded of patience and trust. I can’t rush nature. It takes time for seeds to turn into vegetables. I must trust that over time, the sun will shine, rain will fall, and one day, I’ll see a tiny tomato bud. Through the earth’s natural process I am reminded to take this time in my life to plant the seeds for goodness to grow. I have to work every day to nurture and water my dream seedlings while trusting the natural process and practicing patience.

Growing a garden requires digging up weeds, planting seeds, watering, soaking in sunlight, and allowing the cycle to repeat. Life, like gardening, requires hard work, patience, and trust. So as I stand with my toes spread in a bed of weeds I am going to keep digging in the dirt, planting seeds, and watering them, trusting over time there will be a vibrant vegetable garden providing the nourishment that I seek.

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