Perfect Storm

There are moments in life when your destiny seems so clear. For a second, the clouds seem to separate and a beam of undeniable light shows you a glimpse into your future and capability. Hold on to those moments. Let them guide you.

But inevitably, just as quickly as the clouds cleared, the wind blows again. It rains, thunders, and storms to the point that you forget what a sunny day looked like. When we are in the stormy weather, everything gets confusing. We doubt ourselves, our purpose, and our capability. It shakes you and frustrates you and makes you want to scream. Because you are ready for greatness. Deep down in your core, you know what it is. And you know you can do it.

Sometimes we need the storm and the chaos to make us thirsty. We don’t want to be thrown around by the wind anymore. We need to be lost to crave being found so that when it happens, you are ready for the hard work necessary for your dreams to manifest. Flow with the wind, but remain calm in knowing that it is bringing you exactly where you need to be exactly when you are supposed to be there.

So when you feel lost. Breath. Whether it is the underlying messages you are learning or simply the universes way of lining you up with the right timing, the wind is taking you exactly where you need for your life’s perfect storm.


Here I am

In the same place

Once standing with doubt

As I remain

I still do not know

But I am ready to find out

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