Redefining Self-Care: Life Advice from Kelsey Ray

I have been feeling overwhelmed and needed to reach out for a fresh perspective. My intuition was telling me to reach out to a longtime friend and someone I have admired from a young age, the one and only Kelsey Ray Fatsi. Despite being a new mama, she was generous enough to share her time with me. Talking with Kelsey was incredibly refreshing and she helped me feel supported and opened up my way of thinking.

Wellness is really important to me. I know what things I need to do to maintain a steady mind. It is a lot of work and takes up a lot of time. I often find myself stressing out about doing the things to reduce stress. Seems to be the opposite than the desired outcome…

Today, Kelsey told me that self-care is anything that feels good to you. And just like everything else, that is always shifting. Whether it is practicing yoga or eating an orange, whatever brings you peace in the present moment is the self-care you need right then and there.

This was so relieving to hear. “Wake up, meditate, write, practice, run, and then begin your day”. I tell myself that I have to do all of these things first thing every single day. And they help and I love them. But making time to do all of those things every single day can be more of a stressor than a reliever. For the first time, I think I realized that I don’t have to do anything. Whatever feels good at the time is the right thing for me to be doing. I wholeheartedly believe there is something to be said about showing up to your art or practice every single day, especially the hard days. But, I find that I am learning that I cannot let what brings me peace become a factor of stress. My practice is a gift, it should not be a chore. If I don’t make it to the mat, that’s too bad, but I cannot beat myself up over it. Maybe what I need that day is to get samples of deliciousness at Wholefoods instead. So maybe some days I do everything, or one thing or hell, maybe I do nothing. That is all okay. I need to honor where I am and what I need each and every day.

So don’t let self-care stress you out. Eat an orange instead. Nourish yourself in whatever way you need for today.

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