Freak-outs happen. And they happen again, and again…and again. The most frustrating thing can be when you feel like you have “it all figured out” or, at least, have figured out how to deal with the having nothing figured out. And then, yet again, you feel like curling up into a ball in the fetal position…

So what do you do with the rawness, the exposure and vulnerability? Well, sometimes you just have to sit with it. And that sucks. But it is there. And isn’t going anywhere until you allow it to speak its mind. Once you listen to that voice, you can move on. Life is full of ups and downs. And it’s hard not to allow ourselves to go to the highest highs and the lowest lows. But they are all fleeting. So in feeling both up, down, and twisted around, we can try to remain constant within ourselves knowing that emotions impermanent. So feel it. Feel happy. Feel sad. Feel lost. Feel confused. Feel like your emotions are bruised. And then, see what comes next. This too shall pass.

You are not what you feel. So if you feel stuck. Or lost. Or like you aren’t where you are meant to be. That is okay. Be in that place. Be in the wrong space. It will get you where you need to be when you are ready.


Today’s Tip:

When discussing your emotions or how you feel, do not say, “I am _____”. Say, “ I feel _____”. It will subtly help your subconscious detach from defining yourself as an emotion.


It hurts to write

It hurts to breath

It hurts not to know

Who I want to be

It’s scary to know

How much you can achieve

Yet having no clue what form that might take in reality

But what if I dry out

And have nothing left to say?

Don’t let fear get in the way

You’re sick of turning the page

And want to find a place to say

But your destiny doesn’t look like that today

Don’t be afraid to leave

You will find the community you need

Everywhere you go

It’s okay to say yes

And then say no

Wherever it takes you

That is okay


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