Love. Such a simple thing that we allow ourselves to complicate. Love is beauty and bliss. But it can also trigger fear, pain, and darkness. Love itself is not those things, but rather it triggers an emotional response to past experiences, which we then associate those emotions with. For me, when I think of being “in love” the first word that comes to my brain is “pain”. But love itself is not painful.

Often, when we think of love or relationships, we think of our past romantic experiences. Which, let’s be honest, don’t tend to end so well. But in focusing on those relationships, we overlook the many successes of love in our lives: our family, our friendships, our pets, and the one we neglect the most of all, ourselves.

If you find yourself feeling sad this Valentine’s Day, don’t view the day as a mushy gushy relationship only club. See the day as a celebration of all of the love in your life. Look at the amazing people you are surrounded by and take the day as a chance to celebrate them and they ways the show you love each and every day. And open up your heart to the love surrounding you, let it fill you up, and know that every inch of you is loved, from the inside out.


let love

enter your soul

open your heart

feel its warmth

allow the breeze

to heal old wounds

know your worth

find your truth

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