I am very blessed to have an endless supply of incredible people in my life. But something that has been astounding to me lately is people telling me that I inspire them. Inspiring people to see themselves and capabilities is what I want to do in this world and it warms my entire being to hear and read those words from people I care about.

But I want to make sure I am not conveying a false sense of certainty in the world because I promise you I still do not know what I am doing. Yes, I moved to a new city on a whim with my best friend. It sounds awesome. It has been exactly what I needed and helped me push my self and grow and see myself more clearly on so many levels. But it is also really hard and I got really really lucky and I do not by any stretch of the means have it all “figured out”.

I don’t want to be one of those people who show a rosey colored glasses version of “reality” because no matter where we are in our lives, we experience both good and bad. While I am having an incredible adventure and am surrounded some of the most loving souls in the world, I have most definitely have my fair share of doubts and fear and freak-outs. And I would not have made it if I wasn’t surrounded by people who lift me up and love me through my best and my worst.

I could not know less what I am doing but for some reason have had people I admire reaching out to me for professional advice and I cannot help but think, “how can this be?”. But I guess that goes to show that we never know. Instead, we are all continually working our hardest to figure it out and put the puzzle pieces of our lives together one day at a time.

I hope people are not inspired by an illusive life that seems “perfect”. Because it is not. And nothing ever will be. Rather I hope that people find inspiration in the honesty and comradery that we all share in trying to navigate our way through this world. No matter where you are and what you are pursuing, keep going. Keep putting the pieces together.

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