Santosha: Contentment from Within

Life is full of uncertainty. The things that surround the exterior of our lives will always be fluctuating. And that is okay. But it is important to find contentment, regardless of the situation.

A month ago I had a complete freak out. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, unsure, and scared. But let’s be honest, who isn’t? I had been suppressing the fear and uncertainty I had been feeling and just kept going (which is a pattern of mine). And then I burst. In a 48 hour span, I felt every emotion I hadn’t in the last year. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by people who didn’t ask me to explain, but simply held me through the pain.

I now find myself in the exact same place I was one month ago. Except one month ago, I was a total stress ball, wasn’t sleeping, and constantly worrying. Next to nothing has changed. But right now, I feel okay. For this moment, I am okay with the not knowing.

So sometimes in life, part of the process is that nothing changes. Nothing gets better or worse. Rather it is you, and how you approach the very same thing that adjusts. We need to learn to simply be, with whatever is thrown at us, good, bad, and in between.


and the sun shone

despite how hard

the wind demanded to blow

no one knows why

but those rays of light

took control

something deep inside

they evoked

no one can explain the reason

life keeps changing

all you can do is flow with the seasons

but despite the change

the sun remains

allowing us to shine

from the inside

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