It’s Okay to Cry

My goodness, today is really pushing me. I can talk the talk, but can I walk the walk? It isn’t always easy.

I have been feeling like queen of the world the last couple of days. Like, really, so much clarity and patience with myself. And a strong sense of purpose and direction and letting this incredible feeling guide me. It is amazing. And I know that feeling (what ever it is) is true. And I know that I am on to something. I feel it. I cannot deny it.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t days like today. Days when I wake up and feel sick to my stomach. And I can’t quiet get the fog from my brain to dissipate, no matter how many cups of coffee I consume. But that doesn’t mean that I am doing something wrong either.

When you are living life and pushing yourself to be whoever it is you truly want to be it is going to be scary. There are going to be days when you feel like you are a light from beyond that nothing can stop. And there are going to be days that you question it all and tears will fall. And that is completely okay.

It is healthy to question and to doubt and to be scared and to cry and to not know what you are doing and admit that it is frightening. It is all okay. Everything you feel, every once of doubt, and every second of certainty. It is all okay.

Just as quickly as you can turn from feeling like you are standing on top of mountain and everything the light touches is yours to feeling like an abandoned puppy laying under a cardboard box in the rain, everything temporary and everything changes. So don’t let the good or the bad or fear stop you.

Listen to those moments of clarity. Listen and feel them with your heart. With your entire being. Let that, and that alone, be your guide. Don’t let what society, or your sister and dad who you love and miss, or you grandpa that you want to make proud, stop you for following your inner feelings with your entire being. Because you, and you alone, know exactly what you are meant to do. It is there, within all of us. We just need to learn to listen to the language of our hearts, not that of the externalities in our lives. The answer is in you; the entire world is inside of you. So go and get it.

But don’t be afraid to cry either. Don’t hold on to your emotions because that silences the spirit of your soul. Release your fears through your tears and let that moment pass so you may feel what you are to do next.

….And honor yourself and give yourself rest. You’d be amazing by how much sleep can make everything in the world seem lighter.

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